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Monday, June 23, 2014

5 Ways to Benefit from B2C Email Appending

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Email Appending: A Marketing Solution

Email appending is the marketing practice where obsolete client database is matched with up-to-date vendor database to update and fill up any missing detail. In B2C marketing, email appending therefore has a key role to play as it enables marketers to connect with customers effectively and accurately. In this article we will try to understand some of the ways organizations can benefit when they sign up for B2C email appending!

5 Ways Organizations Benefit With B2C Email Appending

The key marketing tactic to get B2C customers interested in your products and services is to get them attached to your brand ‘emotionally’ while for B2B customers, success lies with the ‘value’ associated with your brand’s products and services. When you go for B2C email appending it therefore helps to:

  • Create extensive B2C email database: For digital marketing you will need access to accurate, verified and responsive email addresses. Vendors will have extensive B2C database collated through professional means. Once you sign up for B2C email appending your vendor will match your database with theirs’ and deliver a completed database with valid email addresses with zero bounce rate.

  • Maintain customized permission based database: Imagine the impact a personalized message will have on a B2C customer! When getting your database appended it is advisable to go for permission based emails. Once you receive a list of interested customers, you can add a personal message to your email message and market your brand. Remember, these are customers who are interested in your products- your personalized message will only make them feel special and help you to connect ‘emotionally.

  • Revive and retain a strong customer relationship: An effectively performed B2C email appending will further help you to stay connected with old and new customers. An email from you is an effort to remind customers of your excellent services and their importance to you. So make sure that your database is appended to remain at the top of their mind.

  • Save marketing costs: One of the main reasons for the popularity of email marketing is its low cost. But as a marketer you cannot leverage from this unless your database is accurate and guaranteed to deliver results. Timely b2c email appending must therefore be conducted to verify if the database contains accurate email addresses of customers. If not then get it updated. You don’t want to lose an opportunity to sell your products and services due to an obsolete database

  • Increase conversions, ROI & overall revenue: Targeted email campaigns are guaranteed to convert into deals, and this leads to an increase in sales and revenue too! So all you need to do is identify the right vendor and make an initial investment on B2C email appending services and then enjoy positive ROI!

Make sure that you are not wasting your time trying to figure out if your business to consumer database requires email appending or not. It does!

It’s time for you to invest with a credible b2c email appending vendor and help your organization to connect with customers across the globe. Get in touch with us and let us help you to fulfill your business objectives.

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