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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Email Appending: Understanding it Better

In today’s ever changing and highly competitive business landscape, it is important to understand the concept of email appending services. This will definitely help businesses to reach out to more customers whether they fall in b2b or b2c category. Having said that, unless one has a clear understanding of data appending as to what it implies, it would not be easy for the experts to push this through. The entrepreneurs and business professionals in particular should understand more about data appending services that will help them to find out the value which they can expect from it.
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To put it simply, Email Appending Services is adding the email IDs of customers or prospective based on certain fields. There are certain email appending companies who can do the job of matching and then coming out with a list of emails and thereby offer the best possible email append service. However, there are a few things which must be kept in mind when it comes to identifying the right email appending service providers as they are the ones who can come with a suitable road map to connect to your customers. 

Let’s talk of some of the advantages of Email Appending 

When you choose the right append data partner, your business can benefit in more ways than one. The most important is it helps in reviving old contacts and old customers, who might have been lost with time mostly due to change of address. You can use various channels of marketing to get in touch with the customers if you have the right append data statistics and data solutions in hand with you. But as a customer you must be able to identify and avail services of the right data append companies having the best of data append software. 

Data cleansing

Having the right set of information will help in cleansing and make corrections, changes, additions (if required), deletions with regard to names, addresses, locations, new jobs and many other such details to connect with your target audience. Many invalid names can also be removed from the list using the best possible append data solutions. 

Through such exercises, it also would be possible to access millions of customers and their emails. This is one of the primary reasons as to why there is a growing demand for append data services for businesses and ventures which are heavily dependent on the online space for furthering their business and giving it a new direction. Those who are keen on enhancing the integrity of their data records would be better advised to opt for this cost effective method.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Quick Guide To Understand How Email Appending Works

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When marketers talk business and marketing techniques, email marketing tops the list! And when discussing email marketing one cannot help but address its challenges, the most prominent of all being the dynamic nature of data. Research shows that almost 25-30% email addresses get obsolete annually. And to add to that it is estimated that almost 84% email traffic could be spam (Radicati). All those figures are too much to roll out campaigns without planned action. And that’s why email appending is recommended. E-append is supposed to be simple and thorough so that once your database is appended your campaigns can be free of email bounces and spam. Email appending is more than a process, so let’s understand how email appending works!
Identifying the right vendor

Email address appending starts with identifying the right vendor. There are several email appending companies in the market that fight for supremacy. As a marketer be prudent and identify a vendor who adheres to best practices such as having an exhaustive suppression file, offering opt-in ids, providing the source of email and more.

Sharing data

Once the vendor has been identified, the nest step involves sharing your present customer database with the vendor. For best results it is recommended that all data is shared including your present list of opt-out addresses. Since you are going to pay for each email appended it is best not to pay for data that won’t prove beneficial. Sharing customer data such as name, phone, title, company name, mailing address or any other detail, ensures data accuracy and efficiency.

The process of Email Address Appending   

The email append process starts with existing marketing database being matched against vendor master base in strict confidentiality to identify missing data, misspellings, obsolete data, new data and updated accordingly. Based on the nature of data present and extent of e-mail append expected, this process takes about 24-72 hours. Though automated procedures are followed, some appending service providers also check for accuracy manually so that no data is missed or duplicated.

Sending the welcome mail for permission pass

Getting the permission pass simply means to get all “opt-in” addresses instead of “opt-outs”. The ICO (Information Commissionaries Office) in fact recommends opt-in email appends and a credible vendor will ensure that all your appended email addresses are permission based. Once the appending process is complete, a “welcome” message is drafted and sent to all addresses for permission for future communication usually in the form of an “unsubscribe” option or link for validation. So in order to have brand credibility and positive list deliverability it is recommended to get your permission pass through the welcome emails.

Closing the deal with appended emails

Once the welcome emails are sent it is advisable to wait for 3-5 days for response. Though in case of emails one or two days are enough to determine permission, yet there’s no harm in waiting for the additional days. Once the permissions are achieved a comprehensive list can be designed and delivered to the client, hence closing the entire email appending process.

So yes, email appending is totally worth the effort! At the end of the day you want to keep your customers engaged and ROI to improve – and that cannot be achieved if you are using an obsolete email database. 

At iAppend we understand the losses your campaigns will make if data is not authentic and hence offer affordable email appending services for small, medium and large businesses. You can even try our sample appending process to judge for yourself the quality of our Email appending services before buying. So why wait and waste time? Give us a call today or write to us for a free consultation today!