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Friday, August 29, 2014

Why is B2B email appending important?

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In an article published in the Forbes magazine in 2013, an alarming fact was revealed- that despite job uncertainties and business slowdown, more than 2mn people quit their jobs willingly every month in the United States alone! Translating that to data, it means that every month marketers are faced with a situation of possessing inaccurate databases of more than 2mn business professionals! So what’s the most convenient and effective solution to such a towering business challenge?

The answer lies in timely and regular b2b email appending!

What is B2B Email Appending?

The most obvious question to ask here is “What is b2b email appending and how is it of importance”

In simple terms, b2b email appending or e-append is a marketing practice where existing customer databases are matched with third-party master databases to fill in missing ids, correct misspelling and update the database.

Why it is important to conduct b2b email appends?

From the fact shared above, it is no secret that once business professionals change or even leave jobs, all professional contact information related to them becomes obsolete. So if you are in possession of a database that contains obsolete details, of what good is that?

That’s why it is necessary for marketers, aiming at promoting their products and services through online and email campaigns, to systematically and routinely go for business email appending.

It has been seen that in a typical b2b database almost 35% of data present is obsolete and non-responsive. In business terms inaccurate data can translate to lost business opportunities, lost customers and losing to competition. With business email address appending marketers can make significant differences to their business progress and achieve organizational objectives.

How marketers gain from B2B email appending?

  • Guaranteed 100% deliverables: When marketing with an existing database there is no guarantee that all current email addresses are valid and responsive and will answer to your business call. However with b2b email appending marketers can choose judiciously and narrow down to a vendor who will guarantee 100% deliverables. In most cases these b2b email addresses are CAN-SPAM compliant and opted-in or permission based email ids, giving access to details of professionals who have chosen to receive mailers from you

  • Increase in revenue: Reduction in marketing costs complemented by increased sales and brand awareness, are together responsible for increasing organizational revenue. It is an accepted fact that email marketing is the most far reaching and affordable form of marketing. With appropriate b2b email appending services marketers leverage from up-to-date and accurate email ids and take their business to a global audience. Frequent and repeated communication with interested professionals is guaranteed to convert to profitable deals in time!

  • New customer acquisition: An important reason why profession email addresses databases require email appending is because it is the most accurate way to gain new customers. How? Consider a situation where ‘Mark’ is an existing customer but has changed jobs. His vacant position is now filled in by ‘Sara.’ As a marketer you now have an existing client in ‘Mark’ and a prospective client in ‘Sara.’ Email appending will ensure that despite roles and jobs being changed your database is updated with both email ids- of ‘Mark’s’ and ‘Sara’s.’

So make sure that you are able to leverage from this opportunity. Make an appropriate investment in email appending and accelerate your business with the right tools and through extensive data-driven marketing!

If you need assistance or are unsure of the process of email appending, we are simply a phone call away! Get in touch with us and let us help you with b2b email appends!