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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Common Email Appending mistakes that must not be made!

What is Email Appending?

Call it what you may- email appending, e-append, e-mail append, email append, email match or any other variation- it denotes an effective and speedy marketing practice where existing customer data is matched against vendor master database to fill in missing data, inaccurate email ids, remove duplicates, and in the process update other contact information. While there are individuals who believe it to be against best practices, marketers in general believe that when done ethically it assists organizations in reaping effective benefits. It is therefore necessary to be aware of the common mistakes people make while selecting vendors and what should be avoided.

5 Email Appending Mistakes to Avoid!
While there are no commandments that you must adhere to, but there are some basic precautions to be taken and mistakes to be avoided while selecting a vendor for email appending.

Go for quality and not price:

Remember your business objectives for investing in email appending services. Your objective is to update and cleanse your existing database and gain access to contact information of prospective customers. Your objective is not to just about manage with anything as long as it comes cheap! When you find vendors quoting different figures for their services, simply don’t compromise and settle for the least expensive vendor or the most expensive one. Price does not guarantee quality. Make sure you communicate clearly what your expectations and demands are and whether the vendor will be able to deliver them. Price and quantity of data can be negotiated once you are sure that your company’s reputation is not at stake!

Ignoring the importance of Opt-In and Opt-Out email options:

Your brand has a reputation. Don’t let malpractice damage your brand’s reputation. While selecting a vendor for email appending, make sure they are able to offer 100% opt-in email option. This means that when updating database with email ids, they must send a welcome email or permission based email to test the validity of the email id. This also ensures that individual privacy is respected and they are able to opt-out if they do not want to participate in email campaigns.

Weigh your vendor options carefully:

When you walk into a store, every item has options to choose from. Do you simply grab the first item that you look upon? Or do you carefully weigh your options before selecting an item that will suit your requirements and budget? As a customer, don’t simply buy the services of the first vendor you encounter and don’t be beguiled by sugar-coated business talk! Do your own research and seek answers to questions like- how long have they been in the industry, who are their clients, where are they situated, which industry/sector do they excel at and so on. Understand that if you have been able to identify a vendor with integrity and status, in most cases they will not over promise. Though they are keen to attract new customer, they too have a reputation to maintain!

List Building: The various Sources

Trusting your own sources for list building:

The process of email appending begins with you! You must provide your vendor with an existing database for them to update. So don’t let any stone unturned in collating an exhaustive and comprehensive database. Make sure that you are able to generate maximum data through organic means- websites, social networking sites, calls, events/promotional campaigns, client references and whatever other means you can think of. Considering that business emails become obsolete at the rate of 3-6% every month, you will probably still require appending services, but make sure that your own database is an unrivalled one!

Don’t pile on and overdo your personalized messages:

Remember that your objective is to attract and retain customers and get your message heard. It is important to send appropriate messages to customers but don’t overdo it. Moreover, though adding a personal note like “Dear Tom” or “Hello Sophia” is a sure way to grab customer interest, imaging a situation where the wrong personalized message is sent to the wrong email address! Avoid such embarrassment! If emails are being sent manually you can consider sending personalized messages, else don’t.

So when you invest in email appending services don’t expect to get immediate results. Also in certain cases there will be undelivered emails and some disgruntled customer complaints! Don’t be disheartened. Plan your campaigns appropriately and gradually you will receive appropriate responses. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t make the usual mistakes!

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